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A tour of Eleano Vineyards with Alfredo Cordisco of Eleano Vineyards


The following is a transcript of the original Italian dialogue contained in this wonderful video that was prepared by Alfredo Cordisco of Cantina Eleano Vineyard. Enjoy!

Here at Eleano Vinyards our work is done with passion, engagement and joy!
It is a perfect union between the land and our labor. Vulture where traditions are observed and respected!

We strive to achieve this goal through our wine by observing our traditions of quality. We communicate that oenological goal translated into the production of our wines.

Eleano is our challenge: the challenge to tame the character of the Aglianico del Vulture grapevines and to translate it into a product of great finesse, elegance and quality.

The 2012 vintage was a very important year for Eleano. The market release of the protected and guaranteed DOC designation of origin for the year 2012 is for us the biggest expression of our territory.

The grapes selection starts its aging process in "Barrique Taglio Tonno" for at least 24 months. It then moves to the bottling process and then to its final aging process for 12 additional months in the bottle.

Let's taste it together: cleanness, concentration, balance, finesse! The main characteristic of this wine is the softness of its tannins. These tannins will drive the wine to a lasting longevity.

This also represents a bet for the future: to see exactly how this product will evolve in the future.
I toast to Vulture. I toast to this wonderful territory.

In 2011 I chose to come back home, here in Vulture, to devote myself completely to my biggest passion: to be a viticulturist.

Here, to an extraordinary territory, the one here in front of me.

I am Alfredo Cordisco and I love my territory.

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